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The eyes help us speak a universal language that allows us to communicate with anyone. Not in vain is it said that “one look is worth a thousand words”. It is for this reason that cosmetic companies place so much emphasis on enhancing the eyes. You can find a plethora of products designed to highlight the eyes: eye shadow, eyelash extensions, and even colored lenses.

However, among a sea of products, mascara is undoubtedly the most popular eye cosmetic in the United States. This product gives you the ability to completely transform your eyes with a tiny brush. If you want to know more about how to get the benefits of these great products, keep reading!

Key Facts

  • You can find mascaras with different characteristics and beneficial properties. Most are not only designed for aesthetic purposes, some products also work to treat and nourish the eyelashes.
  • Mascara can be applied very quickly and easily, providing instant and lasting results.
  • Overall, the use of mascara is very sage, in some rare cases, it may have a negative reaction.
  • Simply put, mascara cosmetics are designed to add volume, body and definition to the eyelashes.

Our Selection: The Best Mascaras in the U.S. Market

We have designed this section to show you the best mascara cosmetics available to Americans. We have included a brief description of their most noteworthy features so that you can find the one that is right for you.

Best Mascara for an All-Day Effect

This mascara by Essence provides an elegant, deep black color that is ideal for any setting. It provides intense and dramatic volume and length for stunning and long-lasting results. It creates an effect that one would believe only occurs with false eyelashes. They last all day long whether your at an event, working out or sweating on a hot day; but easily wash off at night when you’re ready to sleep, make up free.

It efficiently separates each lash and applies the mascara without creating clumps for a naturally enhanced look. Essence prides itself on creating and offering products that are committed to serving the environment. To avoid plastic waste and offer a lower-priced product, they do not blister wrap or package their mascara. This formula is made cruelty-free with no animal testing during manufacturing. Consumers rave about finding a $5 mascara that works better than other $20 products.

Best Mascara for More Volume

As Amazon’s Top Choice for mascara, this highly rated product is uniquely formulated to resist clumping, soften and build lashes up to 5 times their natural thickness. The volume of maximizing brush thickens lashes evenly and smoothly. The extra dark black color gives the eyelashes a long, extended look that will have people asking if your lashes are your own. It’s specially made formula allows you to paint on the mascara wet, and as it dries it effectively extends the length of your eyelashes.

Because this mascara covers the eyelashes with a bit more moisture to enhance its effects, its recommended to wait a number of seconds to allow it to dry before applying the second coat. This mascara is extra long-lasting, which consumers love. Many have noted that due to this, at the end of the day one should use a proper makeup remover before bed, preventing aggressive rubbing and allowing you to apply a fresh coat every morning.

Best Mascara With Lash Primer

This 2 in 1 primer and mascara work together to provide you with lush length, volume and extra definition for your lashes. The brilliant formula created by Honest Beauty includes a primer right in the tube that coats the lashes to create an even base and intensify color. The rich mascara lays down smoothly to create dramatic length and sky-high lift. The specially molded bristles pick up and separate every lash for expert definition.

This product is made without any parabens, paraffin, silicones, mineral oil, synthetic fragrances are manufactured 100% cruelty-free. It has been dermatologist tested and recommended by ophthalmologists for an eye-friendly makeup that great even for the most sensitive of eyes. In a consumer test, 94% of reported their eyelashes looked more defined, 92% agreed that this mascara made their eyes pop and 92% saw a visible lift. If you’re looking for a non-toxic and effective mascara at an affordable price, look no further.

Best Waterproof Mascara

The 4D fiber waterproof mascara creates instant volume and length with it’s deeply pigmented formula. It instantly creates beautifully dramatic and bold lashes with just a single application. With this mascara, you’ll be able to bring out the beauty of your eyes and compliment your overall makeup look. The mascara will stay in place for all-day results, ensuring your eyelashes stay gorgeously long, thick and voluminous all day through rain, tears, and sweat.

It has a smooth, clump-free application prevents lashes from looking spidery, flakey and overall unnatural. The safe and innovative formula is made with natural and non-toxic ingredients that won’t cause irritation. It’s gentle enough for those who use contact lens and those with sensitive eyes. You can simply wash it off at the end of the day with warm water and your favorite makeup remover. If you’re not satisfied, Tetyana offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

Best Mascara to Wear With Contact Lenses

This mascara by Maybelline was Cosmopolitans 2019 Beauty Awards Winner, rated as the best volumizing mascara on the market. In part by way of its exclusive fanning mascara brush, it provides extra voluminous lashes. With ten layers of bristles, it captures every lash for a sensational full fan effect. It effectively adds length and volume without clumping. Maybelline produces mascaras that simultaneously offer natural and dramatic looking eyes.

This mascara is ophthalmologist tested and contact lens safe. It effectively lengthens all types of eyelashes whether they’re thin, unruly, straight, short or sparse. The easily washable formula allows you to take off the mascara every night with your preferred makeup remover for completely unharmed or damaged eyelashes. Consumers love the easy to hold wand that allows you to cover your lashes from every angle.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Mascara

Just like with any other cosmetic product, you should know the relevant characteristics of mascaras before committing to buying one over another. This next section includes answers to the most frequently asked questions among buyers, as well as all the information you need in order to make the best purchase decision.

Mascara is very easy to use.
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What is mascara exactly?

Mascara is a beauty cosmetic that is applied to the eyelashes, it is designed to highlight and enhance your eyes. It may darken, thicken, lengthen, and/or define the lashes. This one simple step will make a huge difference in your overall look!

The first mascara dates back to the 1950s, it was created by Eugène Rimmel. At that time, it was a mixture of black soap, wax and carbon dioxide. It was applied with the fingertips or with a small brush and it was a highly irritating mixture.

Why would benefit from the use of mascara?

The truth is that the benefits of mascara go far beyond what most people expect. We can’t deny that these products have an obvious aesthetic impact, when using mascara the eyelashes become more voluminous, lengthier, thicker and darker in tone. These things combined give your eyes a more intense and striking look.

In North America, you can also find mascaras in all sorts of astonishing colors. For instance, you’ll have no issue coming across white, blue, red or green mascaras. This is an easy and fun way to create a unique look, it also works great as Halloween makeup!

Nonetheless, going beyond the aesthetic benefits of these products, mascara can also have great benefits to the health of your eyelashes. Mascaras have been shown to protect the eyes and lashes from harmful external agents while also encouraging the eyelash to growth.

What properties should a good mascara have?

Americans have become spoiled with the amount of choice in these types of cosmetics. You will find dozens of products in the cosmetic section of any drug store, department store and even in most supermarkets. However, just like with any cosmetic product, not all mascaras are created equally. Nonetheless, there are some key properties every good mascara should have.

For starters, a good mascara should be completely innocuous. That is to say, that it should not cause any damage to your eyes or your skin. Moreover, it is important that it is easy to apply, and goes on without clumping. These products should always be long-lasting and resistant, so they can last the whole day without smudging or cracking.

Mascara increases the volume of the eyelashes, better protecting the eyes from outside radicals.
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When we consider the aesthetic properties of a good mascara, it should give length and volume to the eyelashes without weighing them down. The lashes should become defined while staying curled and flexible. Moreover, a quality mascara will dry pretty quick, allowing you to move on without worrying about smudges. — All these characteristics combined create a good mascara.

What is mascara made of?

Even though different products will have different active ingredients, there is a base formula for mascaras. The key components are water, waxes, oils, polymers, agents with specific functions, and pigments. Each one of these ingredients has a specific and important role in the final product’s performance.

Oils and silicone, for instance, make the product much easier to apply. The amount of wax in the formula will make the mascara waterproof while also protecting the lashes. The polymers work as binding agents that allow the product to stick to the lashes. Finally, as you may have deduced, pigments add color.

The table ahead is a visual representation of the functions of the main components in mascara:

Component Properties Examples
Water Its proportion varies depending on the type of mascara.
It is the main component in water-based mascaras and it’s much less present in water-proof ones.
Waxes Waterproofing effect, protection against outside agents, increased lash density.
These benefits combined provide flexibility and adhesion.
Carnauba, candelilla, rice, jojoba, bees, and ozokerite.
Oils and silicones Protection against humidity, brightness, accelerate drying, facilitates application. Paraffin, palm oil, cottonseed. Derivatives of dimethicone, Cyclomethicone, dimethiconol.
Polymers and resins They aid with adherence, enhance the curvature of the eyelashes and assist with their maintenance. Hydroxyethylcellulose, acacia gum, polyvinyl alcohol, quaternary polymers, vinyl acrylic acid derivatives, vinyl pyrrolidone derivatives.
Ingredients with specific actions Variable: provide volume, lengthen the eyelashes Multiple
Pigments They give the mascara its color. Iron oxides, pearlescent pigments.
Perfume They provide a pleasant fragrance. Multiple
Auxiliary substances They make the product last longer, as well as helping prevent damage to the eyes or skin. Preservatives, antioxidants, pH regulators.

When referring to treatment agents, these are the most common and important ones:

  • Keratin: protects, hydrates and strengthens the eyelashes.
  • Panthenol: adds volume to the eyelashes.
  • Amino acids: hydrates and strengthens the lashes.
  • Mucopolysaccharides: hydrates and strengthens the lashes.
  • Vegetable sugars: brings extra hydration
  • Ceramide: regenerates and restructures the lashes.

What types of mascaras are there?

Since the first mascara was invented, the cosmetic industry in North America has helped this product evolve to include specific properties and varied purposes. The basic mascara today is water-soluble and has most of the general effects we have mentioned throughout this guide, i.e: it darkens, lengthens and gives volume to eyelashes.

A favored variation from the basic formula is waterproof mascaras, other popular versions include colored mascara, which tints the lashes with bright and bold colors. This next table includes the most well-known types of mascaras available in North America today:

Type Properties
Basic Gives volume to the eyelashes, darkens them and defines them. Soluble in water.
Waterproof Insoluble in water, it remains intact with moisture (sweat, tears, water). More difficult to remove.
Lash extension Has a specific applicator to provide more length to the eyelashes.
Volume effect It consists of an applicator designed to achieve a greater volume of the eyelashes.
Colored Mascara in various colors. They give a casual and fun look.
Lash separator It incorporates a special applicator that avoids caking of the eyelashes. Promotes more separation between them.
With humectants They provide nutrition and hydration to the eyelashes.
Curlers They provide a more curved or curly shape to the eyelashes for greater empowerment of the look.

What is the proper method for applying mascara?

Even though it may seem like putting on mascara is simple and intuitive, it is crucial for the application to be done correctly in order to achieve the intended outcome. In this section, we outline the basic method for applying mascara step-by-step. To begin, open the mascara take out the brush once and remove any excess product.

Next, start by applying the product to the upper lashes, do so by placing the brush at the base of the eye line and move it slightly from side to side to grip the lashes individually. This also ensures the whole lash – from base to tip – is properly coated. Then, work the brush towards the tips of the eyelashes with a swift movement side to side. If necessary, you can repeat these steps to apply a second coat of product.

Mascara can give depness to your gaze.
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To coat the lower lashes, use only the tip of the applicator brush. If you happen to get some mascara on your eyelids, remove the product using a damp Q-tip. If clumping begins to occur, you can use a clean mascara brush to remove any lumps. If you follow these simple steps correctly, you will have stunning looking lashes in minutes.

How often should I wear mascara?

Even though some people think that using mascara daily can damage the eyelashes, it is in fact the misuse of a product (leaving mascara on overnight) or using a poor quality or expired product that will cause the most damage. In North America, we have access to quality products that actually work to treat and protect the lashes. So, if you’re properly using a quality product you can wear mascara every day.

Did you know that in some countries, mascara is referred to as “Rimmel”? – After Eugene Rimmel, who technically invented the first mascara.

Are there any contrary effects from wearing mascara ?

A good mascara beauty product should be safe and innocuous. Whatever product you choose should be tested and meet all the health and safety standards and regulations. Nonetheless, even the best mascara can sometimes produce unwanted reactions. Keep in mind the eyes are one of the most delicate and sensitive organs of the body.
Some mascaras can cause allergic reactions and irritation in the eyes and surrounding areas. People who wear contact lenses or those who suffer from dry eyes, eyelid conditions and sensitive skin are prone to having negative interactions with mascara products. Nonetheless, more often than not, these problems can be prevented by choosing quality cosmetics.

Mascara is a key component in any makeup bag.
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Furthermore, to enjoy all the benefits of wearing mascara, make sure not to use a product 3 months past its expiry date. Experts also advise that eye makeup products should never be shared with other people. Last but not least, always try to opt for products backed by reputable brands and consumer reviews.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of mascara?

As is the case with all beauty cosmetics, mascara too has both advantages and disadvantages. As you know by now it’s a very practical tool that makes a big difference in your beauty routine. Nonetheless, it’s always to consider any possible risks. This next table summarizes the dualities of these cosmetic products:

  • More voluminous lashes
  • Longer eyelashes
  • Darker or colored eyelashes
  • Hydration and nutrition of the eyelashes
  • Possible eye irritation, infection and allergic reactions

Shopping Criteria

When you begin to shop for your next mascara, make sure to consider all the information we have given you in this guide as well as this next set of criteria. We’ve included some key aspects to consider before buying any cosmetic product. Keeping this information in mind as you browse will ensure the product you choose is the best one for you.

Eyelash Type

It should be obvious that if you’re looking to buy a product for your eyelashes, you should actually consider their characteristics. By choosing the mascara that makes the most out of your natural lashes you’ll get the best results. For instance, you may have short and thick eyelashes, or have thinner and longer ones, whatever the case, choose a product that works to enhance and compliment your natural features.

If on the one hand, you have short lashes, we would advise choosing a mascara that lengthens and defines the lashes, it will make them appear longer. One the other hand, if you have long and thin eyelashes, you should opt for a volumizing mascara that will add thickness to each lash.

Those who have straight or flat lashes should opt for volumizing mascaras that add and maintain the curl.

Skin Type

Most people fail to consider this very important aspect when buying mascara. You have to consider that the eyelashes are fully surrounded by skin. Which means some skin characteristics may have a negative impact on the effectiveness of the product.

Oily skin, for example, tends to produce more sebum, which means that when the mascara comes in touch with the skin, the oil will transfer to the product making it smudge and stain. In these cases, the use of a waterproof mascara would be advised.

People with normal to dry skin can use any type of mascara without worry. However, those with sensitive skin, in particular, should look for products that don’t contain any irritants such as synthetic perfumes or any other harsh chemicals.

Certain mascaras can help you hold the curl in the lash better.
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Desired Results

The results you wish to obtain from the use of mascara will largely dictate which product is right for you. For example, if you want longer lashes, opt for a mascara with lengthening properties. If on the other hand you actually want lashes that hold their curl, look for a product that enhances helps keep the curl.

Moreover, if you want to wear makeup to the beach or a pool, then a waterproof mascara is a clear choice. For everyday makeup, just choose a product that is flexible and you can wear comfortably all day. Last but not least, for some special events you can even opt for colored mascara. These are fun and different. In short, whatever your need or occasion, you’re sure to find a product suited to meet any and all your expectations.


Always keep in mind that individual active ingredients of each mascara will largely determine their specific functions, properties, and benefits. These components will also play a role in any possible negative impact any given product may have on your health.

Some of the active ingredients will include components with volumizing effects or those that lengthen eyelashes. Whatever the case, look for a product that has the ingredients that will help you achieve your desired look.

Last but certainly not least, make sure that the mascara you choose doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients that could pose a risk to your health. This is particularly important if you suffer from allergies or any skin conditions.


Ensuring that the product you choose is of good quality and backed by a reputable brand is essential when choosing a cosmetic product that will be used so close to one of the most important and sensitive organs in the body. The eyes are especially susceptible to irritations and infections of varying severity. The best way to prevent any possible complication is to ensure you buy a quality and tested product.

If you’re unsure about how to choose a quality product, you can start by checking if the product has been dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested. It is always advisable to check the list of ingredients, not only when you have sensitivities, look out for harsh chemicals or irritants. Choosing a reliable brand is always a good option, and when all else fails, you can always seek expert advice.


Mascaras today have many benefits that go far beyond its aesthetic functions. The safe and affordable products available in North America today not only work to quickly strengthen and highlight your gaze; they are also effective tools to treat and nourish your eyelashes. Whatever your lash needs are, there is a mascara out there that is perfect for you.

Are you looking to add depth, intensity, and personality to your gaze? Would you like for your eyes to stand out in a natural yet captivating way? The simplest way to bring light to your eyes is with beautiful eyelashes. With the touch of a tiny magic wand, you can give your lashes nourishment, volume, body, and length. By using a good mascara, you’ll be able to see that it is the small details that make the biggest difference.

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