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An essential item in every bathroom is the hair dryer. It’s not only critical for those cold winter days when you don’t want to walk around with wet hair, but it’s also perfect for creating the most sophisticated and fun hairstyles. These days, hair dryers combine power and the latest technology to bring you professional results right at home.

Even though it seems like hair dryers have been around forever, there are probably quite a few things you don’t know about them. In our new shopping guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at hair dryers, so that you can learn everything there is to know about the machine that’s revolutionizing the hairdressing world.

Key Facts

  • Hair dryers are a must-have. Many of us use them every day, and they allow us to get professional styles in just minutes. The technology found in today’s modern hair dryers, like ionic technology, enhances their power and helps prevent damage to your hair.
  • We have a tendency to dry hair mechanically, without thinking about whether we’re doing it correctly. There are a handful of simple steps that should be followed to obtain the best results. And a few tricks and tips from professionals certainly can’t hurt.
  • Technology and power aren’t the only important things to keep in mind when selecting a new hair dyer. Weight and size are also crucial, especially since this device gets daily use.

Our Selection of the Best Hair Dryers on the U.S. Market

With so many different hair dryer models available, it can be a challenge figuring out which one is best. It’s a good idea to consider the opinions of hairdressing professionals and experts as you search. And we’ve gathered five of the very best products around to get you started:

Best Hair Dryer for Damage Protection

Remington’s D3190 hair dryer is sure to get you the shiny, healthy looking hair you deserve with an array of amazing features that set this model apart. Its Advanced Coating Technology offers three times more protection while you style and the Micro-Conditioner Technology will ensure your hair’s health. By combining ceramic, ionic and tourmaline technologies, this dryer also achieves high-speed drying and less frizz.

Find the airflow setting you prefer with three heat and two speed options, in addition to the cool shot button. You’ll also be able to style to perfection using the concentrator and diffuser attachments that come with the dryer. And finally, a removable air filter makes cleaning this device easier than ever.

Best Professional Hair Dryer

Revlon Hair Tools is committed to helping women get hair they love, whether they’re seeking waves, locks or blowouts. This hair dryer will help you do just that, even while traveling. The 1875W is small and compact, with a removable end cap for easy cleaning and a hanging ring for storage.

Among many great features, this dryer has two heat and speed settings to meet your individual preferences. It also boasts a cool shot setting to help you lock in the style you want and make it last. It’s available in three stylish colors: black, pink and yellow.

Best Hair Dryer for More Volume

Here’s another amazing dryer from Revlon that has too many exciting features to count. Firstly, it volumizes and dries at the same time, so that you can cause less heat damage while also getting stunning, full-bodied results. The oval shape smooths out your hair, as the round edges create the volume.

This dryer has a lightweight, ergonomic design that makes it a breeze to use, and unique airflow vents allow for faster drying and less heat damage. Additionally, the unique ceramic coating protects hair from over-styling by utilizing even heat distribution. A six-foot, professional swivel cord means you won’t face tangled wires with this dryer, and 1100 Watts of power provides just the right amount of heat to get the style you seek in the right amount of time.

Best Hair Dryer for Fast Dry Hair

This brand new model from Conair has all of the essential features you expect from a modern hair dryer including three heat and two speed settings, a true cold shot button to lock in curls and waves, and ionic technology that ensures smooth, shiny hair and up to 75% less of that annoying frizz.

The Infiniti Pro dryer also features a powerful 1875 Watt AC Motor that will get your hair dry 50% faster. It’ll also give your dryer a longer life. Other features to note include the removable filter to avoid lint build-up, two concentrator attachments and a hanging ring for easy storage. Get the professional look you desire in your own bathroom with this amazing dryer.

Best Ceramic Hair Dryer

Last but not least, the BaBylissPro dryer is a professional-grade dryer that is pricier than some of the others, but worth every penny. This 2000-watt dryer is designed with ceramic and poreclain technology that achieves super gentle heat to protect your hair from unwanted harm. It has four temperature settings and an 8mm concentrator nozzle that you can use whenever you need it.

BaByliss is a world leader in European professional products and it shows with this powerful, ultra-lightweight device that comes backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Hair Dryers

It’s normal to have questions when it comes to hair care products. Everyone seeks healthy-looking, shiny hair, and the truth is that this significantly depends on how we dry it. In the next section, we answer the most frequent questions about hair dryers to help you make your decision.

Ionic hair dryers are most beneficial for your hair.
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What are the different types of hair dryer?

There are two important factors to consider when discussing the different types of dryers available today: technology and material. Ionic dryers, for example, are particularly useful for reducing frizz and getting professional results. Meanwhile, infrared or nanotechnology dryers are especially hygienic and can help to fight unwanted fungi and bacteria.

Hair dryers are generally manufactured from three materials: ceramic, metal and tourmaline. Ceramic is the most common material because it’s able to heat evenly. Tourmaline dryers are usually ionic, because this precious stone emits negative ions when it heats up. Lastly, metal models are usually the cheapest, but they can also be aggressive.

What are the benefits of ionic hair dryers?

These days, ionic hair dryers are the best choice for quick drying, high quality results that won’t do excessive damage to your hair. This type of dryer has nearly no negatives. This table will help you make up your mind:

  • Faster drying
  • Shinier and healthier hair
  • Frizz reduction
  • Bactericidal properties
  • Don”t use it for longer than needed
  • Price

So as you can see, the only cons of ionic dryers are time and the price tag. Regarding time, the quick drying features mean that you might not realize that your hair is ready and you could use the device for longer than necessary. And with regards to cost—it’s hardly a problem anymore, because you can find great models for all budgets.

How do I use my hair dryer correctly?

You’ve probably been drying your hair for years without really thinking about how to do it right. Still, it’s clear that professionals in salons get better results than we do at home. Here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you get those professional results at home.

  1. Using a towel, remove most of the moisture from your hair before turning to the dryer. Instead of rubbing aggressively with the towel, press it gently.
  2. It’s recommended to use care products, like heat protectors and oils, prior to drying your hair.
  3. Carefully untangle and brush your hair.
  4. Divide your hair into multiple sections, from the lower part to the forehead, and hold them together using hair clips.
  5. Start by drying the lowest section, lock by lock. Move upwards.
  6. Use a low temperature with a high air power in order to minimize damage to the hair.
  7. Use a brush at the same time to style your hair as you like.
  8. When your hair is dry, send a stream of cold air through it to freeze the style in place.

How should I take care of my dryer?

This is an important and frequent question. People often see their beloved dryers break and they don’t know why. It’s probably because they aren’t caring for it properly. What we mean by this is that you need to keep your dryer clean. After daily dryer use, dirt will build up.

Cleaning your hair dryer is actually much easier than you might expect, and it will last much longer if you do it regularly. Simply remove the back cover of the dryer—which is where you’ll find the filter—and rinse it under water. Make sure the water goes from the inside to the outside.

Are there tricks for using my hair dryer like a professional?

We all know that a professional hairdresser usually does a much better job drying our hair than when we do it at home. If you’re wondering why, the answer is easy: cold air. You may already know that it’s good to finish washing your hair with a burst of cold water, as this will help close the hair cuticles. The same thing applies for drying.

If you follow the recommended instructions for drying your hair and finishing with a stream of cold air, you should realize that the results are better and will last longer. This very easy trick brings many benefits for the immediate results and also hair care.

What are the different hair dryer accessories used for?

Most hair dryers come with a handful of accessories. However, many neglect to use them. This is likely because we don’t know what they’re for or how to properly use them. The truth is that they can help us achieve better and longer-lasting results.

Name Shape Function
Concentrator Flat nozzle It concentrates the air to give it greater power and achieve a perfect brush.
Diffuser Large round nozzle It expands the air diffusion to give the hair more volume.
Silencer Round Placed at the back of the dryer, it reduces the noise produced.

How should I care for my hair before using a dryer?

Hair dryers aren’t the best thing for hair, but we still need to use them on many occasions. Some products available on the market are designed to help you minimize the potential damage done to your hair. You can find various kinds of thermal protectors.

You should be careful to choose the right product based on your hair type (normal, greasy, dry or dyed). Bear in mind that thermal protectors should be applied on wet hair prior to using the dryer. Use them regularly to protect your hair from damage.

Is it okay to use my dryer every day?

You already know that heat can be damaging to your hair. This is why so many people ask if it’s okay to use their dryer daily. The truth is it’s not necessarily bad. You can use a dryer every day as long as you make sure to do it with protective products and carefully follow the instructions.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to take good care of your hair before you dry it, and then to use the dryer properly. But still be careful: we’re not certain that using hair dryers won’t cause any damage at all. Heat just isn’t good for hair, and so it’s inevitable that it suffers to some degree from exposure. Nonetheless, you will minimize any risks if you use your hair dryer in the right way.

Female hairdresser using hairbrush and hair dryer

Cleaning a dryer is very simple, and it’ll make your dryer last much longer.
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Buyer’s Guide

Hair dryers have been around for ages, and they’re an essential item found in every bathroom. However, more and more models are available on the market, and it can be difficult to know how to pick the best one. We’ve analyzed some key criteria in the below, and we’re confident it will help you pick the perfect model for you.


This is certainly one of the most crucial factors. And it makes sense, because the time required to dry your hair depends on it. Brands tend to advertise higher power than the product actually allows. This is because legal regulations keep them from putting more power into the hair dryers.

Usually, a quality dryer will provide between 1500W and 2200W of power. You’ll have to pick your preference based on how much hair you have to dry!

Pay attention to professional recommendations if you want to find the right power to quickly dry your hair without damaging it.

Temperature Control

We’ve already noted that heat damages hair. So we strongly advise you to select a hair dryer that features temperature control. That way, you’ll be able to shift the temperature to your needs in the moment.

This also depends on the type of hair you have. If your hair is especially fragile, you should certainly avoid using an extremely high temperature, though you’ll need longer to dry the hair. Temperature control also allows you to use a burst of cold air when you’re done drying, to help the results last longer.

Mari RingSenior Stylist for Maximus Salon, California
“Keeping the hair taut is 50 percent of the battle. The other 50 percent is the direction of the airflow. Ensure that your dryer nozzle is pointing downthe hair shaft from roots to ends.”


You may not have thought of this, but it takes each person an average of 10 minutes to dry their hair. Having your arms raised for 10 minutes straight can be really tiring, and it won’t be any easier if your hair dryer is heavy. This is why we recommend checking the weight of the model you’re thinking about buying.

The heaviest hair dryers usually weigh around three pounds, while the lightest is less than a pound. The weight can make a big difference. We suggest getting something in the middle, since smaller hair dryers may not have enough power to meet your needs. The ideal dryer should weigh between one and one and half pounds.

Ionic Models

Ionic hair dryers are great to have. They not only give you the best possible results, but they also limit the time necessary to dry your hair and take better care of it. These dryers work by putting negative ions between the positive ones that are formed by your hair’s own static electricity.

In the end, this method prevents your hair from getting frizzy. Ionic hair dryers also help moisture to evaporate faster. This will reduce the overall time you need to dry it, and it also minimizes the harm caused by heat. Today, you can find very affordable ionic models, so we encourage you to opt for one of those.


As we mentioned previously, you should definitely check out which accessories come with your hair dryer. While you can always purchase these items separately, you’ll get a better deal if they’re included with your dryer. These accessories will help you get different results depending on your tastes.

If you’re looking to straighten your hair, for example, the best option will be to use the concentrator nozzle. On the other hand, the diffuser could help you get more volume. In the end, the more accessories you’ve got to use, the better. If you decide to purchase the accessories separately, be sure that they are compatible with your particular hair dryer.


Drying your hair isn’t as straightforward as you might think. But new hair dryers integrate modern technology that’s designed to work quickly, efficiently and to reduce any damage to your hair. Choosing the right model can be a difficult task.

Additionally, knowing how to properly dry your hair and utilize the different accessories is key to getting professional results. You’ll also need to think about the care and protection of your hair in order to keep it looking silky, soft, shiny and healthy.

If you found our guide on hair dryers helpful, please share it on your social media so that others can benefit too. You can also leave us a comment with your thoughts in the section below!

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