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Our feet work hard every day carrying the weight of our bodies, which is why it is common for us to go home after a long day of work and have sore feet. If this is your case, a small spa massager is exactly what you need to give your feet the attention, care, and relief they deserve.

According to studies published by the Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, feet have more nerves per square inch than any other part of the body. This means that they’re a powerful gateway to the nervous system as a whole. Taking care of yourself is essential, which is why pampering your feet should become part of your day-to-day life.

Key Facts

  • Foot spa massagers have calming properties, both on your mood and for various ailments.
  • Everyone can use these devices as they present no contraindications.
  • Before you purchase your own, you should evaluate its design, safety system, and the massage modes it offers.

Our Selection: The Best Foot Spa Massagers on the U.S. Market

Nowadays, you can find many foot spa massagers by various manufacturers. They might look very similar to you at first glance, even sharing the same colors and shapes. In reality, each model offers different features, and we encourage you to have a look at several products to know which best suits your needs.

The Best Foot Spa Massager Overall

Guisee’s eco-friendly foot spa massager offers everything you need and more, and it is ideal to relax after a long day of work and pamper your feet. The various massaging elements include an automatic shiatsu roller to provide you with a number of health benefits. You can naturally adjust the temperature to our liking and up to 118 °F, enhancing the therapeutic effect of the spa massager. The infrared lights kill all germs.

The Best Budget-Friendly Foot Spa Massager

Conair’s foot spa massager has become Amazon’s Choice in the category, and this is because it combines quality and incredible affordability. This no-frills model naturally doesn’t offer as many features as other more expensive one on this list, but it’s a fantastic budget-friendly choice. Pour hot water in, dip your feet, and activate the device to reap all the benefits of a soothing hot water foot massage when you’re feeling sore.

The Best Foot Spa Massager to Carry Around

Delivered with various additional accessories, this foot spa massager by Ivation has a handle so that you can easily carry this device everywhere you go. It can heat water up to 122 °F, and the automatic massage rollers allow you to sit back and give your feet the rest they deserve. If that wasn’t enough, the product comes with three massaging accessories and a pumice stone. Adapt the water jets to your liking and relax!

The Best High-End Foot Spa Massager

This foot spa massager definitely isn’t the most compact of devices, but this is because it packs so many features to help you improve your health. It includes three different modes to choose from so you can lay back while the five massaging elements — such as Tai Chi wheels and a foot stone — do all the work on their own. You can even set the duration of your massage between 10 and 60 minutes!

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Foot Spa Massagers

While these devices may seem like a luxury product to you, they’re actually quite affordable. Unfortunately, many people aren’t familiar enough with foot spa massagers, so we’ve answered the most frequently asked questions about this product in the following section.

El hidromasaje es una técnica milenaria que se ejerce sobre el cuerpo

What is hydromassage exactly?

This age-old massage technique is carried out on the body — the feet, in this case — by using a combination of water and air that produce bubbles. Hydromassage has been used in natural medicine for its therapeutic and calming qualities, as we’ll see later.

While it had become exclusively used in thalassotherapy centers, this technique is now entering our daily lives through bathtubs, showers or portable footbaths. Hot, warm and cold water is used during this type of massage, each offering different properties.

What are the benefits of foot spa massagers?

These devices are generally used after a long day of work or physical overexertion, but they can also stimulate certain points linked to other organs of our body. They offer various advantages to our mood and our health in general.

  • Relaxation: You should start feeling a sense of well-being and relaxation extending from your toes to the rest of your body as soon as you put your feet in the water. That’s why they’re ideal right before sleeping.
  • Reduced anxiety: A good foot spa passager can relax your muscles and relieve the tension that accumulates in the feet. Experts believe that both stress and anxiety cause posture changes that affect our feet.
  • Pain reduction: Both massages and the effect of water at different temperatures can reduce foot pain caused by overexertion or by spending too many hours standing.
  • Aesthetics: The improvement of blood circulation leads to more radiant feet with an even skin tone. Many products include accessories to file calluses or care for your nails, making them the ideal complement to your pedicures.
  • Comfort: It is naturally more pleasant to take care of your feet from the comfort of your own home rather than going to an aesthetic center. You can dip your feet in your own bathroom or living room while you’re watching your favorite show on TV.

Muy relajante y con beneficios para el estado de animo

You can use your foot spa massager whenever you want.
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What are the medical properties of these devices?

On top of being relaxing and offering numerous mood and stress-induced pain relief benefits, physicians recommend using foot spa massagers to alleviate the symptoms of various illnesses. While they cannot cure them per se, but they can make certain ailments more bearable.

Health condition Explanation
Circulatory disorders and neuropathies Spending hours sitting at a desk can affect the circulation in our legs and feet. Massage vibrations counteract symptoms related to circulatory and nervous disorders.
Arthritis and gout Hot water massagers can greatly alleviate the pain induced by these diseases.
Bunions This foot deformity can be extremely painful, and massages can reduce this pain and relieve tension.
Plantar fasciitis This painful disorder appears when the tissues of the sole become inflamed. Massaging the feet can ease the pain.
Migraines and headaches According to reflexology, the soles of the feet are directly connected to the rest of our organs. Massaging certain areas of the foot can relieve headaches or migraines.
Menstruation According to the same principles, a foot massage may help ease menstrual cramps.
Back pain  A bad footfall can lead to back pain. A foot spa massager can help improve your footstep and, therefore, your back pain.

What types of foot massagers are there?

While we’ll focus on foot spa massagers in this article, you should know that there are other types of products that you can use to get different kinds of foot massage. Each device can be used alone or combined with other methods to enhance their beneficial effects.

  • A simple massager is a manual device that consists of rollers, balls or other elements that apply pressure on the feet.
  • You can also find simple massagers made of wood. The warm feel of this material is therapeutic and you don’t need electricity to use them.
  • The stars of our article — spa massagers — use water jets and bubbles to massage the feet and ease tension.
  • Thermal massagers generally work using infrared and are very effective in relieving pain and tension on the soles of the feet.
  • Finally, shiatsu massagers provide a traditional Oriental massage performed by means of balls. Based on reflexology, they have the capacity to act on any organ of the body.

How should I use my foot spa massager?

While the use of these devices is generally simple and intuitive, it is still essential that you read the product instructions carefully before using your own for the first time. They usually feature a wheel to regulate the intensity of the bubbles, the rotation of the massaging elements and the temperature of the water.

We recommend that you always use it on a flat surface and that you place a towel or a rag underneath to absorb any potential splashes. Never exceed the maximum water limit indicated on the edge of the device; otherwise, you may damage the mechanism of the massager.

Las bañeras de hidromasaje para pies pueden usarse siempre que lo desees.

You will greatly benefit from using your foot spa massager before going to sleep.
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How often should I use my massager?

You can use your foot spa massager whenever you want. It’s a great every-day treat for your body, or you can relax with it more sporadically. Considering the mental benefits of your device, you are recommended to use it at least once a week.

As for the time of day you should dip your feet, there are no contraindications and you can do so at your preference. While some prefer to use them in the morning when they wake up, others like to wait to come home from work. We encourage you to try before going to sleep at night, as the relaxing effects induce sleep.

How can I enhance the effects of my massager?

Although having a foot spa massager is very relaxing in itself, you can also add certain substances into the water to make the experience even more pleasant. How does combining a foot massage with hot water, bubbles and aromatherapy sound?

Our tip is that you place bath salts to the water in order to reap the full benefits of their properties as well. You may even want to add a few drops of essential oil to aromatize — lavender, for instance, is perfect for a good night’s sleep. Aromatic herbs, such as mint or thyme, are also great options.

En condiciones de normalidad, las bañeras de hidromasaje no tienen ninguna contraindicación, siempre y cuando se usen bien.

Under normal conditions, foot spa massagers have no contraindications.
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How do I clean my foot spa massager?

This type of device is very easy to clean, and drying the surface with a cloth after use should be enough and it will usually be enough to dry the surface with a dry cloth after use — especially if you live in a highly humid area. The most advanced models even feature removable inner lining so that you can wash it separately.

Keeping your device clean will extend its useful life, so don’t forget to wipe it with a dry cloth from time to time to avoid dust from accumulating. Remember to always dry it thoroughly after using it, in particular the hard-to-reach spots where fungi and mold can appear.

How can I avoid foot pain?

Using a foot spa massager will never have a negative influence on you, but preventing symptoms is always better than soothing avoidable pain. Sore feet can be a major health condition, and it is so important to care for and pamper this part of our body  to maintai ourn general well-being.

  • Always use comfortable footwear to support your foot and promote a natural posture.
  • Care for their hygiene and wash them daily with mild soap.
  • Try to avoid calluses; if they become too large, they can cause malformations and footstep problems.
  • You can work your toes out by trying to grab a piece of cloth or a small ball. This will improve the circulation in both your feet and legs.

Shopping Criteria

As we mentioned earlier, it is true that most foot spa massagers look alike at first glance: soft colors, rollers, wheels, and a bowl to place your feet. While they do share similarities, it is essential for you to be familiar with a number of key aspects so that you can choose the model that best suits your needs:

  • Size and Design
  • Safety
  • Massage System
  • Additional Functions

Size and Design

The dimensions of foot spa massagers are definitely one of the biggest concerns among users. This is a fair point because these devices are relatively large and may take considerable space. In that regard, make sure you purchase a compact easy-to-move model that you can store in your home.

The size of the bowl for your feet is another aspect to consider. The fact that the device itself is large doesn’t guarantee that the inner part is the same size. If you, or anyone who will be using the foot spa massager, has big feet, it is important that the bowl has a suitable capacity for them.


Whenever you purchase a device that uses both electricity and water, it is fundamental to check that it features all the appropriate safety systems for your protection. Read carefully the safety instruction manual, and use your foot spa massager according to the manufacturer’s usage recommendations.

We encourage you to choose a hydromassage system with auto switch-off and a non-slip base to prevent potential accidents. You may also want to check for models that are protected against overheating and that clearly indicate the maximum level of water that the bowl can support.

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Massage System

This is naturally one of the most important criteria when purchasing a foot spa massager. The most basic models only use the effect of the water and the roughness of the bowl’s floor. Others also include manual rollers that your feet must move in order to rotate.

We strongly encourage you to purchase a more complete foot spa massager if your budget allows it. A product with automatic rollers will offer you an extremely pleasant massage without any effort on your part. Infrared massagers that apply heat directly to the sole of the foot are also highly recommended.

Additional Functions

The most complete foot spa massagers include additional accessories that can further promote this enjoyable experience. Many products, for instance, feature pumice stones or abrasive rollers designed to soften the skin of your feet and file calluses. Certain models even come with additional massages for specific areas of the foot.

Another very useful function you may want to look out for is a temperature regulator. It will prevent you from having to worry about the water colling down. Foot spa massagers that offer aromatherapy functions or that have special programs for the use of bath salts are also great options to consider.


Our feet work so hard every day that they truly deserve special treatment, and foot spa massagers are perfect for this. As you’ve discovered throughout our article, you can find many different models to satisfy your needs on the market. These devices are also highly recommended to soothe pains and anxiety related to various illnesses.

We hope that you found our shopping guide useful. We’re sure that your feet are looking forward to trying one of these devices, so remember the criteria we discussed when you decide to purchase your very own foot spa massager. You’ll be thanking us later!

Did you manage to decide which model you want to buy? Give us your impressions in the comment section below, and don’t forget to share our article on your social media.

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