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People believe that the eyes are the window to the soul, that they say much more than we could ever imagine. A single eye contact allows us to have a conversation. This is why us women like to intensify, enhance, and highlight the power of our eyes on a daily basis.

Used since time immemorial, the eye shadow is one of the products that most help to deepen our gaze. This classic make-up that covers the eyelids generally comes in powder form, but cream eye shadows are gaining popularity because they offer greater shine and duration. Read on to learn everything there is to know about this product.

Key Facts

  • Eye shadow is a type of cosmetic that is applied to the eyelid area and below the eyebrows to enhance your gaze and brighten your eyes.
  • This product can be found in different formats on the market. Among them, cream eye shadows offer a silken texture for a stronger and more durable finish, in addition to providing greater brightness.
  • As we will discuss in the last section of our guide, there are various factors to consider if you want to choose the best model for your eyes. These aspects include your skin type, your eye color, and the look you want to create.

Our Selection: The Best Cream Eye Shadows on the U.S. Market

Knowing the most popular options available to you is a great way to make a satisfactory purchase. This is why we have selected the very best cream eye shadows currently on the market. We have also written a short description of each product to help you choose the one that most suits your needs.

Best Cream Eye Shadow Starter Kit

NYC-based company Revlon is known for the quality of its cosmetics, and its Illuminance Crème line is a great way to start experimenting with cream eye shadows. Choose from the nine different sets of four colors – from Precious Metals to Electrip Pop or Skinlights – and discover a whole new world of styles and looks for every occasion. Besides, this starter kit offers incredible value for money.

Best Cream Eye Shadow: Amazon’s Choice

This cream eye shadow is Amazon’s Choice in the category for good reasons. Its water-resistant texture offers 24 hours of wear, while its pearl pigments are soft and encourage fat absorption. You can choose from 12 different shades depending on your personal style and the effects you want to create. In addition, these cream eye shadows come with a brush for a simpler and more comfortable application.

Longest-Lasting Cream Eye Shadow

Maybelline’s Color Tattoo line of eye shadows is a bestseller whose formula rich in pearls and colorants allows an intensity and duration of 24 hours. Its creamy texture glides across the eyelid easily to create a thin layer of waterproof color. To achieve a striking result, apply it with your finger, starting from the inside and moving towards the outside, where you can darken it a bit more to give greater intensity to your look.

Best Cream Eye Shadow for Travelers

Last but not least, this Velvet Foil collection by Almay comes in the form of a paint tube, making it ideal for travel beauty cases or to carry in your purse. Choose the color you want from its 12 different shades and enjoy the benefits of this vitamin E-infused cream eye shadow. Like every other product in our selection, the long-wear formula is hypoallergenic and tested by professional ophthalmologists.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Cream Eye Shadows

This product and its creamy texture are becoming increasingly common in women’s make-up bags. But before choosing the right cosmetic, it is essential that you know all the details of eye shadows and what they have to offer. In the following section, we have answered the most common questions asked by users.

Before applying your eye shadow, use foundation primer on your skin.
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What is an eye shadow exactly?

The eye shadow is a cosmetic product that is applied to the eyelids and below the eyebrows. The different colors adapt to the tone of your irides to create a different style every day, according to your personality. Also, you can use eye shadow to give prominence and intensity to your look while adding a touch of color to your face.

We have to travel back to ancient Egypt to find the roots of eye shadows, where they were used on special occasions, such as funerals. People also applied them because they believed that they protected from the sun’s rays, improved vision, and prevented eye infections. Nowadays, they are used for both everyday life and special events.

What types of eye shadows are there?

Cream eye shadows are ideal for your eye make-up because their texture allows you to obtain a more durable finish. That being said, this cosmetic product designed to intensify your gaze comes in other formats, too. You can find out more about them in the table below:

Cream Powder Pigments Stick or crayon Liquid
Duration They last longer, but their finish can deteriorate. Powder has a shorter duration than other formats. Medium duration They are very durable. High intensity and durability finish
Recommended for Creating a powerful look with its intense and matt variety of tones. They are highly recommended for oily skin. Bright and sparkling night make-up Intense and striking colors A perfect look all night long
Application Easy to apply, but difficult to blend Easy to apply You need to be careful when you open and apply it. Very easy to apply. Simply color your eyelids with the crayon. You have to blend it quickly before it dries out.
Disadvantage If they accumulate in the lid creases, it will spoil your make-up. They last less than any other type. Applying them can be challenging. Blending them requires a lot of attention. They can crack.

Is cream eye shadow better than powder?

The answer is no, because neither is better or worse than the other. These cosmetics are simply different, and the type you use depends on the intensity, depth, and luminosity you want to create. That being said, combining them allows you to achieve the perfect finish to suit your style, skin tone, and, above all, eyes.

Both textures have their pros and cons that you can compensate when you apply them at the same time. Cream eye shadow offers more duration, intensity, and doesn’t stain; powder eye shadow, on the other hand, blends easily and comes in a wider array of colors from which you can choose.

Cream eye shadow brightens your look and confers more intensity to it.
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This is why you have to choose the right format, depending on each situation. Remember that using both of them together is generally the best option to create the look you want. In that case, you should start with the cream eye shadow before sealing it with powder.

How is cream eye shadow applied?

As we explained above, one of the great perks of cream eye shadow is its easy application. However, it can be challenging to use if you don’t know how to go about it, in which case you may not get the desired result. Luckily for you, we have come up with a number of guidelines to help you get it right:

  • The very first thing to do before applying your eye shadow is to use foundation primer on your skin. This will prevent the cosmetic product from cracking and help it remain intact for longer. Spread the primer on your eyelids in movement, lightly tapping them with your fingertips until the skin absorbs it completely.
  • Once the foundation primer has dried, it’s time to apply the cream eye shadow. Since its color is more intense and vibrant than powder, you only need to use a small amount. Apply it as you did with the primer, using your fingertips and moving your eyelids. This time, however, you have to blend the product by massaging it softly.
  • Make sure you get the result you expected. Otherwise, you can apply a little more eye shadow to make the make-up more attractive. Once you got it right, apply powder with a brush to help absorb the oil from the skin and get a more lasting color.

As you can see, this type of shadow is very easy to apply. If you’re looking to create a more natural or brighter look, you can follow the steps below and make your make-up more intense:

  • If you want to apply two different shades for a more natural finish, blend the shadow you want to predominate towards the line between both products. Note that it tends to look better if the dominant shadow is placed on the outside.
  • If you want a brighter make-up, simply apply glitter with a small brush on your eyelids. The creamy texture of the eye shadow will help them stick more easily.

What colors work best with my eyes?

The majority of people around the world have brown eyes. However, others have green, blue, gray, or hazel eyes, or even each eye of a different color. This is a determining factor in the choice of the shade you need. So, what color are your eyes? In the list below, you can learn more about the nuances that best combine with your eyes:

  • For brown eyes: This is the most common color, and it works with the vast majority of shades. However, purples and plum tones are particularly popular.
  • For blue eyes: Neutral nude tones and brown shades – both ash gray and light chocolate – will highlight the brighter blue colors of your iris. However, you should opt for orange, terracotta, or bronze for a warmer gaze.
  • For green eyes: Pale, neutral mauve tones instantly brighten up green eyes.
  • For gray eyes: Shiny tones will give depth and light to this eye color. In that regard, silver and charcoal tones are the best to create this look.
  • For hazel eyes: A light layer of a bright violet tone will highlight hazel eyes beautifully.

Eye shadows are applied to the eyelids and below the eyebrows.
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What are the advantages of cream eye shadows?

Just like the vast majority of cosmetics and beauty products, cream eye shadows have their pros and cons. We have already discussed the various benefits that they offer, but we also want you to be aware of their drawbacks. This is why you will find both in the table below:

  • Easy to apply
  • They moisturize dry eyelids
  • Great coverage and duration
  • They bring luminosity and intensity to your look
  • They highlight your eye color
  • You can apply them with your fingers or a brush
  • Their texture helps to provide an even finish
  • They may crack or form creases when you blink
  • Difficult to blend
  • Limited variety of colors

Shopping Criteria

In addition to all the questions we have answered in the section above, we want to introduce you to the four main shopping criteria to know when deciding on a cream eye shadow. These aspects will help you choose the product that best matches your eyes, and that is most suitable for the look you want to create.

Skin Type

The first thing you need to think about before buying a cream eye shadow is your skin type. Remember that this product is ideal for dry skin, as it promotes hydration. If you have oily skin, this won’t be the best option for you; you should favor powder and pigment eye shadows.

Virtually all cosmetics are tailored to a specific type of skin, and it’s no different with eye shadows. If you want to find the shade that will best fit all your style needs, it is essential that you take into account the characteristics of your skin.

Cream eye shadows are ideal for your eye make-up because their texture allows you to obtain a more durable finish.
(Source: Erstudiostok: 58830103/

Eye Color & Size

Another factor that you have to consider before buying your new beauty product is the color of your eyes, as this will strongly influence your purchase. Green and purple tones will best highlight brown eyes, while blue ones are enhanced by copper and lilac shades. If you have green eyes, you can increase the intensity of your gaze with grey or bronze eye shadow.

The size of your eyes is as important as their color.

If you have small eyes, for instance, you can use eye shadow to give more prominence to your look by choosing shades that enhance it. For bigger eyes, on the contrary, you should create more depth by opting for more discreet eye shadows.


Quality is very important when you buy any type of beauty product. When it comes to eye shadows, it becomes absolutely vital. Since you will apply them around your eyes and on your eyelids, you need to have a high-quality product that won’t cause allergies or infections.

You’ll be glad to know that better quality doesn’t necessarily rhyme with higher costs. In fact, you can find budget-friendly eye shadows that offer a perfect result, while some high-end products can leave a lot to be desired. A quality eye shadow should be pigmented, last on the eyelids, and not crack.

Gabriel AlmodovarMaybelline New York Make-Up Artist
“While not usually red, the blue-ish hue of under-eye circles can be exacerbated by red eye shadow, so cover it well. Use your concealer or a tinted lid primer to neutralize those tiny red veins on your eyelids.”


You should also pay close attention to the finish of your cream eye shadow. Knowing what looks they can create is essential, as this will determine which product you should buy. Matte models will be your best option if you are going for a simple look.

There are various other tips you should know. Metallic eye shadows can accentuate wrinkles, for example, while pearlescent ones offer an iridescent reflection. If you have dry skin and are looking for an alternative to metallic eye shadows, go for shiny products. As you can see, knowing the look you want to create is key to finding the right cream eye shadow.

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Cream eye shadows are a particular type of cosmetics whose texture offers a longer-lasting and more intense finish. They are easy to apply and can be combined with powder eye shadows to create a powerful look.

While you cannot find the same variety as for powder shadows yet, this product is gaining popularity in the beauty industry and has become a must-have in many women’s make-up bags. If you haven’t tried it, what are you waiting for?

If you found our shopping guide on cream eye shadows helpful, feel free to share it and leave us a comment in the section below!

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