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A touch of freshness to the face or a bit of color for beauty. That’s what a good blush can do: give life to your face, even when you’re feeling tired. It is important to make a good first impression when you meet new people. Fortunately, there are products, such as blush, that allow you to improve the complexion of your face, even when you are tired or unwell.

Blush is available in an infinite number of shapes and formats to fit the tastes and style of every woman. There are different colors and textures, with some more eye-catching than others. Blush is a product that can give you a healthy image and, if required, it can conceal small skin defects.

Key Facts

  • Blush can be bought in two main textures: cream, recommended for naturally dry skin, or powder, more suitable for oily skin.
  • Blush should be applied according to the shape of the face and the result you want to achieve. With a blush, you can minimize any defects or spots and you can enhance certain characteristics of your face.
  • The tone chosen will not modify your skin color or make you look darker or lighter, it will complement and enhance your natural skin tone.

Our Selection of the Best blush on the U.S. Market

In this section, you will be able to find 5 of the best blushes on the U.S. market. In addition to presenting the best products on the market, we summarize the main characteristics of each product. With this, you will be able to assess the characteristics of each product and make an informed decision about the blush you want to buy. You should always keep in mind the characteristics of your skin in order to make a good purchase. Take a look below!

No. 1: Milani Baked Blush

The Milani Baked Blush gives you a beautiful matte finish in a shimmery color that is the perfect burst of color for every skin tone. With this radiant blush, you can shape, contour and highlight your most desirable facial features. Choose from 12 different tones to add a natural shimmer or matte finish to your complexion.

The Milani Baked Blush is made from natural ingredients to add a natural glow to your face with minimal risk of adverse skin reactions. When you buy this blush on Amazon, you will also receive a mirror and mini brush.

No. 2: COVERGIRL Cheekers Blendable Powder Blush

With the Covergirl Cheeker Blendable range, you can enjoy a blendable, natural-looking blush that will revitalize your cheeks and bring youthfulness to your face. This product brushes on to give you a natural-looking color and avoids an artificial appearance.

This blush is available in 18 different shades, so it is easy to find a color that suits your natural skin tone. It also comes in an easy-to-carry compact that you can take with you anywhere you go. It is a very economical yet reliable product that is made from a reputable brand.

No. 3: Maybelline New York Fit Me Blush

With a creamy, smooth texture, this blush can be applied to the skin smoothly and easily. Available in a number of different shades, this blush is designed to complement any skin tone. The Maybelline New York Fit Me Blush is made to be applied to the apples of the cheekbones up to the temples to give a youthful look to your face. This is a natural blush that will enhance your skin tone and keep you looking fresh all day long.

No. 4: e.l.f. Cosmetics Powder Blush Palette

The e.l.f Cosmetics blush is a product that features four shimmering blushes that can be used individually or mixed and matched for a custom look. With this blush, you can create a beautifully pigmented look that keeps you looking fresh and vibrant. As there are multiple colors, you can pick the shade to match the time of day or the event you are attending.

This is also the perfect travel blush as the palette folds up small and compact, so it can easily fit in your handbag or purse. This manufacturer guarantees that all its products are PETA certified cruelty-free and vegan.

No. 5: Physicians Formula Powder Palette Blush

The Physicians Formula blush is the perfect combination of colors that blend together to naturally enhance your cheekbones and keep you looking radiant throughout the day. This blush is soft and blendable so that you can find the perfect finish each and every day.

Physicians Formulas advertises that this blush is made from the finest Italian talc to provide a silky-smooth application on the cheeks. This powder blush blends easily without streaking or irritating delicate skin. For a skin-care product that is created by a company that started way back in 1937, choose the blush from Physicians Formulas.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Blush

It is important that before purchasing a blush, you know the main aspects of this product. By learning about the product, you can avoid damaging your skin and find the product that gives you the result you are looking for. In the following section, we have included the most relevant aspects about blush so that you can quickly become an expert on this product. Also, we will answer the most frequently asked questions of blush users.

A blush is able to disguise wrinkles and give a youthful appearance to a mature face.
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What is a blush for?

Blush is an essential product when a woman applies makeup before leaving the house. A well-selected blush is capable of giving a soft and healthy appearance to the skin. It is also able to make a tired face look radiant and happy. These benefits can be easily realized if the blush is applied correctly and in the right quantity.

What’s more, a blush is able to conceal small skin defects such as wrinkles or pores. It is also perfect for complementing the natural facial features and strengthening certain characteristics. Many women use blush to highlight the most beautiful parts of their face, such as their cheekbones.

A blush has the fantastic ability to disguise wrinkles and give a youthful appearance to a mature face.

How do I apply blush?

To achieve an optimal result, you need to know how to correctly apply blush. Makeup experts say to smile lightly when applying blush to give shape to the cheekbones. It is also recommended to apply blush to the cheekbones in circular movements. After the initial application, the color should be gently blended in different directions, depending on what you are hoping to achieve.

Blush, in addition to giving color to your face and improving the appearance to your skin, has the ability to produce different effects that you may not have thought of. The different methods of application can refine a face to give it volume or round square features. Blush is usually applied with a brush, although the fingers can also be used.

Blush can come in different textures, with powder or cream being the most common.
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How to apply blush according to the shape of the face?

Using blush on your face can help to modify small defects, soften facial features and give a more organized appearance to the face. Therefore, it is important to know how blush should be applied in order to achieve fantastic results. Blush should be applied according to the characteristics that define your features and according to the modification that you are aiming for. To help you with this complex process we have created the following table for you:

Your face type: Your goal is: Apply the blush like this:
Round To refine your facial features Place the blush on the cheeks and brush in the direction of the temples.
Wide To make your face more narrow Place color and brush horizontally slightly below cheekbones.
Slim To widen your face Spread the product, already placed on the cheekbones, upwards in the direction of the ears.
Square To round your face Spread blush lightly from cheekbones down or apply directly to cheeks in a circular motion.
Diamond shape To round your face Apply powder or cream to the top of the cheekbones towards the ears and highlight your cheekbones.
Heart shape To smooth the jawline Apply blush to the lower cheekbones, following the natural facial contours.

How much blush should I apply?

Whether you apply the product with a brush or with your fingers, it is always advisable to begin with a small amount of blush and spread it out evenly. This will ensure the final result looks more natural. Blush should be applied with small, gentle touches, starting with a little color and, little by little, adding more if necessary.

Everything related to the application of blush depends on the tastes of the individual. Experts recommend using blush to promote natural beauty, therefore, only using small amounts ensures that you avoid an artificial-looking face. Blush is the most beautiful when it looks natural and matches the natural tone of your cheeks.

Tiffany DodsonBeauty Blogger at
“I tend to switch up the placement of blush on my cheeks depending on the occasion, and the same can be said about the products I use.”

Should the type of blush vary according to the time of day?

There are different blushes available on the market that can be chosen depending on the time of day or the situation. You will likely choose a different blush for going to work compared to the blush you would use for going out in the evening, on a date for example. The colors you choose in a blush are often determined by the time of day you are wearing the product. For example, you will likely be much more discreet in the morning with lighter, more subtle colors, whereas you could be a little more eye-catching for partying at night.

The texture of the blush you use may also vary depending on the time of day or event your attending. Cosmetic experts suggest that for a daytime outing it is best to select a matte tone if your skin is naturally oily. They also recommend that you should use a shiny or satin blush if you have normal or dry skin. For the evening, the bright, shiny finishes are highly recommended. As always, stay within your natural skin tone in order to achieve a good result.

Can blush be used for contouring techniques?

Of course. This technique is commonly referred to as “draping”, which consists of using blush to contour the face, combining dark and light tones to add volume and freshness to the face. Contouring can be as simple as adding small touches of color on the chin, temples, and earlobes to give yourself a more energetic look.

“Draping” works by using a darker color to add volume, on the cheeks, whilst at the same time adding a lighter tone on top of the cheekbones to give light to the face. Makeup and beauty experts explain that these techniques rejuvenate faces to give a natural, crisp look.

Many experts recommend choosing mineral-based colorants, as they tend to protect the face from the sun.
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What skin reactions can make me suspect that I’m allergic to blush?

If you apply blush on your cheeks and you notice certain reactions, it may be because you are allergic to some of the elements used in the product. For example, if you see that you have a layer of small bumps, especially if they sting when you touch them, it may be that you are allergic to that type of blush. If this happens, let the skin rest for five days before trying a different type of blush.

If you develop spots or eczema, or if any part of your face becomes inflamed, it is most likely because your blush has something that is harmful to your skin. In these cases, it is recommended to see a specialist to help you find a blush that is right for your skin. Also, if you notice very dry or stiff skin when applying blush, this is a sign that the product does not suit your skin type and it should be removed.

Buyer’s Guide

You now know how to distinguish the main functions of blush and their main characteristics. In the section below you will be able to review which key aspects you should analyze when buying a blush. By following this shopping criterion you will be able to make a confident, well-informed decision. The key aspects to take into account are:

Textures and Features

Blush is available in different textures, with powder and cream being the most common. To choose one or the other, the most important thing is to determine what type of skin you have, what makeup style you like and what result you want to achieve. After doing this, you can choose the texture of your blush by following the table below:

Texture Characteristics
Powder Recommended for oily skin, as it absorbs excess sebum.
Easier if you plan on contouring or “draping”.
Far easier to apply with a brush than with the fingers.
Cream Suitable for dry skin, since it adds moisture. If used on oily skin it can create excessive shine.
It produces natural results.
It can be in a tube or jar format.
As it has a solid texture, it is more difficult to achieve an even result.
Liquid Provides natural finishes.
Ideal for dry skin, as it also provides hydration.
More suited for young skin, than mature skin.
Guerlain Meteorite Powder Balls Thanks to the combination of colors they offer many different tones.
Best applied with a natural brush.
Of all the textures available, this illuminates the face more than any other.
Loose Powder Usually clogs in the brush, so take care prior to brushing the face.
Recommended for naturally oily skin.


The first thing you have to take into account when choosing a blush tone is your own natural skin color. After doing this, you can choose a tone that suits your natural color. Keep in mind that it’s not about choosing a more or less beautiful color or a color that makes you look darker or whiter. The key is to find a color that enhances your natural skin tone.

If you have naturally light skin, you should opt for light pink tones. If you have medium-toned skin, you can use dark roses, fuchsia, and orange with golden reflections. Those with darker complexions should look for dark red, dark gold and terracotta.

Experts recommend using blush to promote natural beauty.
(Source: Daria Minaeva: 60728779/

You can also choose a blush according to the color of your hair. For people with black or dark brown hair, using a bronze or brown blush is recommended. For blondes or people with light brown hair, it is best to choose peach, coral or orange blush.


Blush contains soluble dyes and pigments. These products can be natural (animal, vegetable or mineral origin) or artificial (titanium oxide or zinc). Mica or glitter are also often added to blush. Blush may also contain kaolin or magnesium carbonate to absorb perspiration.

Cosmetic experts recommend choosing products that are derived from mineral origin, as they tend to protect the face from the sun in a natural way. These have a matte finish that looks more natural and allows the skin to breathe. These products also minimize clogging the pores and do not contain oils, so they can be used on dry, mixed and oily skins.

Calvin KleinDesigner
” The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural.”

Skin Age

If you have mature skin, we recommend blush of the same color as your foundation and that you blur the blush well. This helps to give the impression that the cheekbones are higher. These products generally provide a color that can make your face look healthier and rejuvenated.

If you have young skin, you should focus on highlighting your most beautiful features. For younger women, orange, pink and luminous colors are the best suited. Older women can also pick these colors as they revitalize the skin complexion. Keep in mind that strong tones give the impression of being older to whoever wears them.

Cosmetic products are applied directly to your face, so it is important that they do not contain ingredients that can damage your skin.
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Cosmetic products are on your face for the majority of the day, so it is important that they do not contain a component that can damage your skin. Dermatologists recommend testing a product on the inside of the wrist before putting it on your face. When doing this you should wait a minimum of 48 hours to see if there are any reactions. Keep in mind the following when it comes to the composition of blush and allergic reactions:

  • Perfumed blushes are more likely to be harmful.
  • Avoid blush that contains preservatives such as parabens. Thankfully, many manufacturers have stopped using these elements.
  • Products that are advertised to be durable on the skin tend to block the pores and may damage the skin.
  • Avoid blush with paraffin and petroleum derivatives.
  • Nickel is more likely to be present in those products with more colors. If you have allergies with this mineral it is better to stick earth colors.


To summarize, blush is an essential cosmetic for the beauty routine of many people. It gives a healthier appearance to the skin, rejuvenates the face and shows a cheerful and rested look. Blush is available in various textures and colors, which you must choose depending on the results you want to achieve. It is very important to keep your features and age in mind when choosing a blush.

There are different blushes that are more suitable for certain occasions and skin types than others. Instead of damaging your skin, blush can help to improve it, as certain products offer sun protection. Remember that certain ingredients may result in an allergic reaction, so review the products carefully. Also, take note of the shape of your face in order to apply your blush in the best possible way.

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