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The beauty blender has become a must-have item in most makeup bags, for both makeup enthusiasts and professionals alike. This innovative sponge has been specifically created for flawless makeup application. Their shape and texture make them super soft, comfortable and easy to use.

This item has been around for several years now, and its popularity has only continued increased. The original model was pink and came in the shape of a tear-drop. Today, it is available in many shapes, sizes, and colors. These items can be used with all sorts of bases and products, just make sure to give it a proper cleaning every couple of uses.

Key Facts

  • Beauty blenders are meant to allow you to apply makeup in a uniform and easy way. They are made soft and work gently on the skin.
  • They are created to work with different products, such as bases, highlighters, concealers, and contouring, among many others. It allows for a very natural effect.
  • Beauty blenders now, come in different shapes, which allows you to apply makeup on the hardest to reach areas, such as the eyelid and nose contours.

Ranking: The best beauty blenders on the U.S. market

This unique makeup applicator is being praised by celebrities, influencers, and makeup professionals. It’s exclusive drop shape and material makes it easy to manage and reach difficult places. These sponges can be used dry or wet, and they must be cleaned every few uses. In this section, we present you the top 5 beauty blenders in the U.S. market.

No. 1: Beakey — Makeup Sponge Set Blender

This set of beauty makeup blenders contains 6 blender sponges that include 3 different shapes of beauty sponge: oblique olive, pear and teardrop shape to accommodate all kinds of cosmetics and all the different modes of application that you could possibly imagine to create the perfectly blended look. Each distinct shape comes in a different color that eliminates the need to search for the sponge you need.

These sponges are of exquisite quality, made from a non-latex material that provides a soft feeling that is delicate on even the most sensitive of skin. Amongst these three sponges, you can reach every corner of your face from the corner of your eyes to the wings of your nose. These sponges expand when used or cleaned with water. These sponges work best with concealer and creams. If you’re going to wet the sponge, squeeze out all the water before use for best results.

No. 2: Aesthetica — Beauty Sponge Blender

The Aesthetica Cosmetics Beauty Sponge is the only blending sponge applicator tool for powder, cream and liquid makeup that you’ll ever need. This makeup sponge provides a flawless, edgeless application to help you look your best and feel your best every day. The rounded end of the sponge is great for blending on the cheeks, while the precision of the sponge’s tip makes covering minor imperfections easy.

The black color allows you to see which regions of the sponge have the product on it, allowing you to see how much product you are picking up. It ensures that the sponge isn’t stained, even after a thorough cleaning. For maximum results, use the flat edge around the nose and eyes for contouring for an airbrushed, flawless look. This can be used with foundation, cream blush, primers, powders among other makeup products. It can be used either wet or dry.

No. 3: SIMPLEME — 6 Pack Beauty Sponge Set

These makeup sponges are durable, reusable and multi-functional. They can be used dry or wet and work great for foundation, concealer, powder, BB cream, liquid or any other form of complexion products. The water drop round shape design has one cut surface to provide two different shapes for diverse application. Use the rounded side to blend large areas of the face with a dabbing motion, and the precision tip edges for blemishes and tough to blend spots of the face.

This sponge by SIMPLEME is made with a high-quality non-latex material that is cruelty-free, odorless and doesn’t cause allergic reactions or irritation even on sensitive skin. The elastic material is soft and offers a bouncy movement for flawless application as you blend in your makeup. These sponges are easily cleaned with water and small amounts of shampoo. This purchase comes with 6 sponge applicators, one makeup toothbrush and a metal wire holder for quick access whenever you need it.

No. 4: EcoTools — Perfecting Blender Duo 2 Beauty Sponges

This perfecting blending sponge duo offers two different sponges in two sizes. A large flexible sponge to easily absorb and apply complexion makeup products. These beauty sponges are small and firm that provides precise and detailed coverage. This makeup applicator sponge helps smoothly apply powder and cream foundations, concealers and your favorite skincare products to create a flawless finish.

EcoTools produces cruelty-free products that are made from recycled aluminum and plastic with 20% cotton and 80% bamboo fibers. They provide high quality, environmentally friendly makeup products from brushes and sponges to face and body care products. The pack of two sponges provides one larger sponge to cover larger areas like the cheek and forehead, and a smaller sponge with a wide edge surface and thin point for getting into the creases of the face for even and smooth application.

No. 5: Sabady — 3+1 Makeup Beauty Sponge Blender Set

These makeup sponges are great for flawless application with minimum product waste. They are designed to be used by both beginners and professionals. They are perfect for all kinds of music including foundation, BB cream, powder, concealer and more. They blend foundations evenly to create flawless looking skin. Use them wet for sheer coverage or gently squeeze water out for full coverage.

Each pack has three different shapes, providing multifunctional makeup sponges. The flat sides are perfect for contouring. The broad rounded side is ideal for basic application of foundation, highlighter, and blush while the tapered end can be used for detailing and concealers. Each is made of a premium, non-latex and non-allergenic. It allows for the makeup to sit on top of the sponge instead of being absorbed, avoiding product waste. It should be made with safe and water-soluble dyes that are environmentally friendly and good for sensitive skin.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about beauty blender

As you may have noticed in the previous section, in North America today, you can find a wide selection of beauty blender products. It is no wonder they have become indispensable items for anyone who wears makeup.

Beauty blenders optimises makeup use by absorbing the least liquid possible from your foundation.
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In order to get the most out of your beauty blender, you should choose the sponge that best suits your needs. Keep in mind there are various sizes and shapes, and there are even specific colors depending on the use you want to give it.

What is a beauty blender exactly?

Beauty blenders are makeup sponges used to flawlessly apply and blend products. There have always been makeup sponges in the market, however, the beauty blender has revolutionized the market with its unique materials, texture and tear-drop shape.

The beauty blender somes in a tear-drop shape, which allows you to apply makeup in the most difficult to reach places.
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This product is praised by all makeup artists, influencers and celebrities alike.

What are beauty blenders used for?

These items are used to flawlessly and evenly apply and blend makeup, even in the most hard-to-reach areas. It allows makeup to go on naturally without any blotches or streaks. Beauty blenders can be used with all sorts of base makeup, highlighters, and concealers. They are also used to optimize the makeup consumption since they barely absorb any product.

Did you know that the original Beauty Blender was invented by the two prestigious Hollywood makeup artist: Rea Ann Silva and Veronica Lorenz?

How are beauty blenders used?

To get the best results from your makeup and beauty blender – or any other makeup sponge for that matter – make sure to follow these three simple steps:

  • Tip 1:In most cases, it is advised to moisten the sponge with water before using it. Make sure it’s not soaking or dripping. It will increase in size and become softer.
  • Tip 2:Apply a small amount of makeup on the back of the hand, and pick it up little-by-little with the beauty blender.
  • Tip 3:Dab the makeup on lightly, this dabbing technique is important. The makeup should be pressed on gently, not dragged onto the skin.

Beauty blenders are ideal for applying liquid base flawlessly.
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What do the different beauty blender colors mean?

If you’ve considered that the different beauty blender colors mean something, you are right. Both the shape and color will vary depending on its intended use. In the table below, we go over the main colors and their use:

Color Use
Pink It is the original color. Suitable for powder, concealer, base, and highlighters. Ideal for applying a liquid base and/or setting makeup with powder.
Black Specially designed to apply dark tones and/or dense makeup. The extra-large size is perfect for body makeup. With contouring, it guarantees an air-brushed finish.
Beige Used to apply natural colors and concealers.

What is the best beauty blender application technique?

The most important thing to remember when using a beauty blender is that you should never use it to drag or rub the makeup onto your skin. Make sure to always use it with a light and gentle tapping motion. Moreover, getting the sponge wet with a little water will help you use your makeup more efficiently.

Rachel Majury Makeup Artist
“Simply wet it, squeeze it and dab it.”

How are beauty blenders cleaned?

To make sure your beauty blender has the longest possible life, make sure to keep it clean. This means washing your sponge with soap and water every few uses. This will prevent harmful bacteria from forming and coming in contact with your face. Cleanliness is key with all makeup applicators. This next table includes the easy steps involved in cleaning your beauty blender and other makeup applicators.

Step Description
Step 1 Rinse the sponge with plenty of hot water.
Step 2 Soak it with a sponge or makeup cleaning soap.
Step 3 Rub the sponge with your fingertips to remove dirt.
Step 4 Rinse again with plenty of water until all soap is removed. Repeat the 3 steps several times.
Step 5 Squeeze the sponge with a towel to remove all excess water.
Step 6 Allow it to air dry.

What are the benefits of using the beauty blender?

Beauty blenders work to give your makeup a natural and flawless finish, they also allow you to evenly apply the product on the hardest to reach places. These items can be used on all skin types and with all sorts of makeup products. They are soft in texture and gentle on the skin, making them great for sensitive skin. These sponges don’t absorb too much makeup, allowing your products to last much longer. Last but not least, these items are made with hypoallergenic materials and they don’t contain latex.

Who should use a beauty blender?

Beauty blenders were designed by professional makeup artist to achieve perfect and natural results. These are affordable makeup to tools that can be used on all skin types and with all sorts of makeup products.

Beauty blenders can be used for applying base makeup and even contouring.
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For these reasons, these products are recommended to anyone who wears makeup and wants to achieve professional and flawless results.

What are the main ways to use a beauty blender?

  • Base and natural makeup:Start by wetting the beauty blender. Gently dab (not drag) your base makeup evenly on your skin. Next, simply use it to add a light touch of blush on the cheeks with the same gently dabbing technic.
  • Apply lipstick:Beauty blenders can also be used to apply lipsticks, balms and even gloss on your lips. It is particularly perfect for mixing different colors and textures, this will allow you to get a unique shade of lipstick.
  • Hair tint:Although it may sound strange, hairdressers have used these sponges to apply hair dye. This product makes it easier to apply color to the roots and the scalp as a whole.

Purchase Criteria

By now you know that beauty blenders are a must in any makeup bag. These handy tools will help you achieve professional results when applying makeup. Moreover, they can be used to easily apply all sorts of makeup products on all skin types. With all this in mind, allow us to leave you with one last set of criteria to keep in mind when shopping for the best beauty blender for your needs.

Texture and material

Beauty blenders can be differentiated from others sponges thanks to their unique materials which don’t absorb more makeup than required. The material allows them to work well with any makeup products, and with any type of skin. Making it an indispensable tool in any makeup bag. Keep in mind that it’s important the sponges are made free of silicone or latex, and with natural, non-toxic materials and dyes.

Did you know that the original Beauty Blenders are handmade in the United States in California?

Skin type

The original beauty blender has been known to be useful on all skin types, both in the face and body. Nonetheless, with other brands on the market, make sure to pay attention to the specific features and characteristics of each sponge, since certain sponges are made for specific skin types.

Always keep in mind that the skin must be prepped for makeup application, this means it should be clean and moisturized before beginning to apply any makeup product.


If you opt for the original beauty blender, this is not a concern. However, when shopping for other brands of beauty blenders, make sure they are latex-free. This is particularly important for those with allergies or sensitive skins. The product you choose should not contain silicone, and it should be non-toxic – posing no harm to your skin or health. If you are allergic to latex or have sensitive skin, we would advise opting for the original brand to avoid any complications.


It is no wonder professional makeup artists across the board use and recommends beauty blenders. These tools are used to achieve flawless makeup application, while at the same time using the least amount of makeup possible. They can be used to apply base, contouring and correcting products, among many others. Most brands offer sponges that are non-toxic and can, therefore, be used on all skin types.

When choosing the right blender for your needs, remember that they come in different colors, shapes, and sizes, which make it possible to apply all types of products, both on the face and on the rest of the body. Choosing the right product is an essential step in order to achieve natural, radiant and flawless makeup results. Lastly, keep in mind that the best way to extend its useful life, it requires simple maintenance every once in a while.

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